Hungry for Social Justice, or Just Plain Hungry?

Feeling hungry?  Head to Lindenwood Diner (corner of Linden and Amber).  It’s a nice place, burgers and fries and shakes along with Latin, Caribbean, and Southern dishes, and every customer gets the option of donating 5% of their check to either East New York United Concerned Citizens or Arts East New York.  The very definition of win/win.
From the NY Daily News Article: The charities were looking for new ways of getting money, Lindenwood Diner’s been there forever, and the diner’s been looking for ways to help the community while fattening their bottom line.  We’re too polite here to suggest other bottom lines might also get fattened in the process, but whatever.  Point is: This is how communities stay strong.  We support our local businesses, who in turn support our local charities, who in turn support our neighbors and neighborhoods, who patronize local businesses…

It’s interesting to note that the heads of both United Concerned Citizens and Arts East New York approached Lindenwood Diner, and not some generic mall-based restaurant chain, because, guess what happens to our neighborhoods when those huge outside chains come in and replace our local businesses?  Our friends go out of business, our neighbors lose their jobs, our local charities can no longer support our friends or neighbors, and our communities suffer.

Food for thought.  To be washed down with a Mango Mojito from the Lindenwood Diner.

And speaking of benefits!  Did you know NY Communities for Change provides benefits to our members free of charge?  Well, we do!  We have ways for you to save on your electricity bill (which you’ll need come August), save on your heating bill (Winter ain’t over yet!), get additional life insurance and a way to save on prescription drug and doctor visit co-payments, and get help from a HUD-certified home loan counselor.  Act now and we even have a way to help prepare your taxes.

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