A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and a Farm Grows in East New York.

Eating Healthy and Staying Local was never so easy or quite so delicious as it will be this June, when East New York Farms! starts selling their produce at neighborhood markets.   

A block of bricks, a block of housing, maybe a “vacant” lot or two… the scenery never seems to change, one block to the next.  Then you land on the lots where East New York Farms! grows their organic fruits and veggies, and hey what a surprise…

In operation since 1998, East New York Farms! is in the business of providing fresh and organic produce to our neighborhood all while mentoring 20 kids a year, and even providing our neighbors with a way to get produce direct from the farm delivered to their door.  They have programs for launching your own urban garden (if you have a back yard), or joining with one of their 50 existing community gardens.

What a concept: Neighbors joining together to protect our own interests and provide for our own needs, all while working with local businesses and giving our kids a different view of life in the city.  Amazing things happen when we stay local: When we develop our own communities and support our own local businesses, our communities grow stronger.

And just wait until their Farmers Market starts operating this June.  Anyway, check them out.

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