Add PS 306 to the growing list of schools poisoning our kids

PS 306PS 306 in East New York is now officially on the growing list of schools contaminated with PCBs.  That’s not the shocking part.  The NYC Department of Education’s inaction over this growing crisis is…  

Mayor Mike’s Cola Queen of Schools, Chancellor Cathie Black, is still dragging her feet over these deadly toxins contaminating a string of schools in New York.    The Environmental Protection Agency recently discovered toxic levels of PCBs in PS 306.  The NYC DoE does have a plan to eradicate these toxins from our children’s schools, one that will take 10 years or more to complete for the over 800 schools affected.


So, what are PBCs?  In a phrase, bad news.  They’re organic compounds that accumulate in your body, meaning that years after exposure you still have these deadly toxins in your body.  The side effects include such things like rashes, asthma, and cancer.  And the absolute worst thing about them?  Prolonged exposure for children has been linked to decreased IQ levels.  That’s right: We send our kids to schools to learn when the very buildings where we teach them are making it harder for them to grow their minds!

We at NYCC definitely think the Cola Queen is dragging her feet.  We suspect she’d not do so if her kids were at risk.  If we were in a more conspiratorial mood, we’d suggest Chancellor Black’s short-timing her way through the crisis.  I mean, it’s not like there are literally hundreds of schools at risk for PCB contamination.  I’m just saying…

Anyway, want to do something about it?  GOOD!  All this is easy as ABC…

  1. Head over to ABC’s not PCBs and add your name to the list of people who think Chancellor Black’s gotta do a better job keeping our schools safe.
  2. Sign up for our Citywide Schools Meeting being held Thursday, March 10th @ 6PM.  We’re gathering at the High School of Fashion Industries @ 225 W 24th (24th and 7th), and we’ll be school budgets and PCB contamination.
  3. Spread the Word that you’re with NYCC in making sure our schools stay safe!
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