College and Careers, Not Budget Cuts!

Over 500,000 children are not prepared for college or careers, yet Governor Cuomo wants to cut $1,500,000,000 from our kid’s schools. Obviously, we’re against this. I’m willing to bet you are too… want to do something about it?  

Public education is near and dear to our hearts here at NYCC.  We believe in public education, in it’s ability to transform the lives of our kids, to show them the wonders of the world, and to prepare them for their futures as our friends and neighbors.  The girl who wins the Science Fair may one day cure the common cold, and the boy who shines in the computer lab may one day become East New York’s answer to Bill Gates.

That’s why we find the Governor’s plan to gut education spending so terrible.  His plan will decimate our teachers while robbing our kids of their full potential.  Think you have trouble finding a decent after-school program for your kids now?  That’s nothing compared to what will happen IF Governor Cuomo gets his way.

And when we speak of him getting his way… In the same budget package he delivered to our elected representatives in Albany, he’s sneaking in a tax break for New York’s many, many millionaires.  He’ll actually let the Millionaire’s Tax lapse, or phase out, and he’ll balance this budget shortfall on the backs of our kids.  That may be his way of running the state government, but it’s not our way.

That’s why when we hear “cutback”, we’re saying “Fight Back!”  And this Thursday, March 17th, we’re doing just that.  We’re gathering at Borough Hall in Brooklyn, and we’ve got the following message for our elected representatives:

You won your election with the promise you’d defend public education.  Now, it’s time to deliver!

And it’s not just NYCC fighting Cuomo’s Busted Budget.  We’re joining with our friends at the Alliance for Quality Education and the New York Charter Parents Association and, oh, a couple hundred parents, educators, concerned citizens.  We’re all going to get loud and proud and fight for our children’s future!

So, what are you doing Thursday @ 6:00?

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