Hey! It’s almost Spring!

A young man’s fancy may turn to thoughts of love when Spring comes rolling around, but a family’s worry turns to thoughts of exorbitant ConEd bills when Summer blasts through East New York.  A smart man plans ahead, and here’s how.  

Who among us has not been dealt the crippling blow of a ConEd bill twice our monthly average when the Dog Days of Summer send the mercury soaring, and the A/C groaning?  There’s no worse feeling,  we all know, in having to choose between keeping your home livable and your refrigerator full.  While there are a few common-sense things you can do to control your electricity bill, NYCC Members have an additional Ace in the Hole when it comes to managing their family’s utility budget.

The first piece of this puzzle is to control the amount of energy you use.  Everything from making sure your windows are insulated to switching to low-watt light bulbs to putting your appliances on timers, it all adds up.

The second is control the amount you pay for the energy you do use.  You see, every month ConEd buys the fuel they need to power the generators that generates the electricity your family uses to keep the lights on, and the A/C humming.  Not surprisingly, fuel for electricity costs more in the Summer, just like heating fuel costs more in the Winter.  Anyway, the price ConEd pays for the fuel they use to power their generators they pass on to you.

ConEd buys their fuel on what’s called the spot market, paying the prevailing price for natural gas, coal, petroleum, etc.  Sometimes they’ll try to play the market, take an educated guess whether the price of petroleum will rise or fall in advance of expected market conditions.  Sometimes, the market plays them.  Right now the spot price for oil is going through the roof as these market players are worried about the effects of the Libyan Uprising.  Point is: If ConEd guesses wrong and has to pay more for fuel on the spot market, you get stuck paying for their bad guesswork.

However… did you know you have a choice in who provides your energy?

NYCC’s partnered with Public Power to give a flat rate on electricity exclusively to our members.  They negotiate delivery contracts for their fuel, getting out of the spot market rat race, and their customers benefit by having stability in the price of electricity they pay to power their homes.  Public Power’s not some fly-by-night operation, either.  They have a high rating from the Better Business Bureau while providing the lowest fixed rate price on electricity to working families across New York.  The NYCC Public Power fixed rate is pegged at $0.999 for the first three months of the year-long contract, then $.1099 after that; and these rates are guaranteed to never rise over the duration of your contract.

Think of it like this: Public Power is like the subway system.  You know the fare rate before you get to the station, so you can plan on that.  ConEd is like buying gas for your car.  You never know what it’ll cost to fill ‘er up until you get to the pump.  Which makes it easier for you to balance your family’s budget?

Good thing it’s so easy to switch.

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