Lost a neighbor due to foreclosure? You’re not alone.

NY-1’s running a story that the City’s foreclosure rate is highest in East New York and Starrett City, followed closely by Jamaica, Queens.  We at NYCC have been leading the effort to stop these foreclosures, and keep our neighbors and neighborhoods in place.  

Probably someone will read the report issued by NY State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli and think it represents good news or that we’re turning the corner on the mortgage/housing crisis.  They’d be wrong.  While the rate of foreclosures is dropping, people are still being foreclosed out of their homes and forced out of our neighborhoods.  The number of properties foreclosed upon continues to grow, the number of families forced to move continues to grow, the number of communities decimated by this crisis continues to grow.

This has been on NYCC’s radar pretty much since it started.  We knew these companies were coming into our neighborhoods with their predatory lending practices, and were selling our neighbors a pile of garbage we’d have to clean up.  And, we knew these Wall Street brokers, bankers, and money managers would try to blame us for their problems even after We, the People bailed their overcompensated asses out of the mess they made back in 2008.

And here’s what we’ve been doing about it:

  • Joining together with organizations like ours, organizations who care about working families and strong communities, to let Wall Street know we’re keeping an eye on them.
  • Working with the Mutual Housing Assistance of NY Management to offer foreclosure counseling and assistance, so we can keep our neighbors in their homes and our neighborhoods strong and together.
  • Telling Chase, and their bonus-baby CEO Jamie Dimon, that foreclosing on our friends and neighbors is NOT THE WAY FORWARD!  And, getting with such friends and neighbors as Jumaane D. Williams to move our money from Chase.

And here’s what YOU can do about it:

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