Education Budget Battle Round-Up

In case you’ve missed all the news: The Legislature votes on Gov. Cuomo’s budget next week.  He’s still insisting We, the People pull money from schools instead of making the 4.3% of NY’ers making 200K/yr+ pay their fare share.  We’re still insisting the state protect our kids, and not millionaires.  

There are more protests, actions, and rallies around this effort than you can shake a stick at, and yeah NYCC’s leading the fight.  We’re calling a State of Emergency on Thursday the 24th, have a rally and press conference on Sunday, and we’ve got Camp Cuomo coming next week.

State Senator Marty Golden is feeling the heat.  He’s a Republican representing Bay Ridge, where 99.8% of the tax filings in his district are for homes with incomes under $1M, and yeah we’re curious why he’s representing the interests of Wall Street bankers, brokers, and money managers over those of his own district.  Our friends at the Alliance for Quality Education are leading the protests here, dropping off a check to Senator Golden from Donald Trump, and a voided one to the the district’s schoolkids.

Governor Cuomo continues trying to put lipstick on his budget.  Last week he accused those of us interested in preserving public education of playing politics with our kids, and of using scare tactics.  Now he’s preemptively blaming our legislative allies for shutting down the state government unless they vote his way on the budget, which means stealing from kids to line the pockets of NY’s many millionaires.  He’s released a video pleading his case.  We think he looks tired.

We’ve maintained all along that these budget cuts are bad for the economy in addition to being just flat-out wrong.  Turns out Crain’s New York Business agrees with us. While the City has gained back many of the private-sector jobs lost in 2008-2009, the public sector has been largely absent when it comes to job growth and development.  What’s more, public sector jobs are one of the few pathways for New Yorkers to gain entry to the Middle Class, largely taking over for the role manufacturing played in NYC’s economic landscape.  Cuomo’s budget will steal from our kids while decimating our teachers and hobbling the area’s economic recovery.  All so someone making 200K/yr+ can afford another trip to The Hamptons.

Fight as we might, we cannot do this alone.  All those events listed above?  We need you there.  If we’re going to be the kind of city that can count on public schools to deliver quality education, if we’re going to be the kind of state that asks everyone to pay their fair share, if we’re going to be the kind of society where EVERYONE gets a fair crack at the American Dream; we need your help.

See you on the picket line.

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