Kitchen in ENY Serves Up More Than Soup

A soup kitchen run by the Overcoming Love Ministries adds an extra side of care with their meal plan: Free medical checkups once a week.  Neighbors helping neighbors, what a concept… 

The NY Daily News is reporting on this soup kitchen run by the Overcoming Love Ministries that has a Doctor in the House every Monday from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM.  Not surprisingly, there’s a pretty big overlap between our friends and neighbors who need the hot meals served by OLM’s kitchen and our friends and neighbors who don’t have medical insurance and only see a doctor in an emergency situation.

The kind of ailments they’re seeing at the kitchen, hypertension, diabetes, and obesity; are also so-called “silent killers” that never really seem all that pressing until someone’s gasping on the floor and begging their family to dial 911.  Preventative medicine is one of the reasons we here at NYCC are big believers in Health Care for one and all!  In the mean time, we think it’s great organizations like Overcoming Love Ministries have stepped up to the plate and offer these needed services to our friends and neighbors.

We at NYCC also do what we can to make sure our friends and neighbors stay our friends and neighbors for a long, LONG time.  Our membership benefits include such things as a no-cost Child Safety Kit, a no-cost Family Information Guide (which can serve as a living will if notarized), a no-cost $2K AD&D policy with options for more as needed, and a low-cost Health Services Discount Card which knocks the cost of prescription co-pays in half.

Not content to rest on their laurels, Overcoming Love Ministries is looking to expand their medical offerings by “converting a large shipping container in the parking lot into a doctor’s office.”  Which is awesome that they’re doing it themselves and providing these services…

But when’s the last time you saw someone from Mannhattan’s Upper East Side line up outside a shipping crate to get their blood pressure checked?  Yeah, been a while since we’ve seen that too.  Matter of fact: First person to send in a photo of that gets a free meal at the Lindenwood Diner.  My treat.

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