PCBs in our schools? It’s more likely than you think!

It’s bad enough we’re suffering from the worst round of education budget cuts in New York State’s history.  It’s even worse our beloved Mayor is getting ready to gut the corps of teachers educating the next generation of New Yorkers.  It’s flat out wrong that our schools are poisoning our kids.  

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are organic compounds which were widely used in construction materials until their production was banned in the United States some 32 years back.  They were used in such materials as paints and cement, casting agents, sealants, and water-proofing materials. In day to day usage, they’re prevalent in paint, window caulkings, light bulbs, and electrical equipment.

Why were they banned? These organic compounds accumulate in the body, cause cancer, asthma, and in young children severely affect their cognitive development.  Their use in school construction is the worst bit: The very place where we send our kids to develop their minds poisons their body, inhibiting their ability to learn.

NYCC’s been monitoring this growing crisis since it reared it’s ugly head a few years back.  We’ve been watching and waiting for NYC’s Department of Education to take a lead in eradicating these poisons from our schools, and are shocked Mayor Bloomberg’s been dragging his feet on this issue (among others).  Our response when we meet government inaction in the face of a growing crisis is to, of course, fight back.

Even if NYC’s seemingly not very interested in telling parents of the threats these toxins pose to our kids, we are.  We’ve even created a simple, easy-to-use site where parents can check to see if their kid’s school is on the list of schools at-risk from these deadly poisons.  Here’s what you do:

  1. Point your browser to http://search.abcsnotpcbs.com/
  2. Fill in your child’s school and your email address
  3. Hit the big button that says “Search”

Let’s hope your kid’s school isn’t on the list.  If it is, let’s hope the NYC Department of Education does their job and cleans these toxins from our schools.  Two things you can be sure of, however: More and more people are realizing that we’ve got to get these toxins away from our kids, and NYCC’s gonna make sure the job gets done right.

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