The Tax Man Cometh… Soon

Tax Day is on the 15th of April.  Unless the 15th falls on a Sunday, Saturday, or Federal Holiday.  Or if the District of Columbia’s holiday schedule conflicts with Tax Day; or all of the above.  Confused yet?  No worries: Like a good community organization, NYCC is there.  

Income taxes have been with us for the last 98 years.  As everyone surely knows, most years we need to file our tax returns on or before April 15th.  The IRS, in their benevolence, gives us Americans an extra day or two if Tax Day falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or Federal holiday.  Now, Washington DC (aka the Federal District) typically celebrates Emancipation Day on April 16th, but this year DC’s moving observance of this day from the 16th, which is a Saturday, to the 15th, which is a Friday.  So, the 15th is Emancipation Day, the 16th is a Saturday, the 17th a Sunday… and April 18th, 2011 is Tax Day.  Confused?  We’re talking taxes.  It’s supposed to be confusing!

While we cannot help with when the IRS wants your taxes, we can can get you some help in making sure your taxes are correctly prepared.  Our friends over at the New York Community Organizing Fund, Inc (NYCOFI) are running free tax preparation services specifically for low and moderate income families.  They’re holding these sessions in East New York, at 447 New Lots Avenue, and the sessions are on Friday from 1-7PM, Saturday and Sunday from 12-6PM.  All you need is a valid photo ID, the Social Security/ITIN’s for you and your dependents, and of course all your W2 forms.  At the same time they can also hook you up with food assistance referrals, free or low cost health care, and even help you get a bank account which will speed your refund.

Conditions apply to all of the above, so it’s best to give them a call at 718-257-4673 to make sure you’re eligible for their many different services.

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