Don’t be Related to Walmart

Last week we shared some photos from our Walmart action at the Time Warner Center, HQ for the Related Companies, the firm looking to lease space to Walmart.  Today we share the finished product: Video and news of our flash mob song and dance.  

So, why are we against Walmart’s plans for building one of their mega-super-stores in East New York?  A few reasons: Walmart treats their workers poorly, their stores push out long-established “mom & pop” operations, and three good jobs are lost for every two low-wage and no-benefit job Walmart “brings” to a community.

That’s why NYCC’s joined with a plethora of community organizations under the banner of Walmart-Free NYC to make sure we stop Walmart’s version of development in favor of a development plan that provides good jobs, and jobs with dignity, for communities like East New York.  Anyway, last Friday we gathered for a little action at the Time Warner Center, flash-mob style, and entertained the patrons of the Time Warner Center:

The Observer has a story about this, helpfully explaining “this protest does show that there could be some real headaches for any developer who helps [Walmart].”  To which we say: We’re fighting for our communities, for responsible development, for worker dignity and workplace safety, for a living wage with real benefits, and for a community plan that makes sense and plays fair with what we’ve already got in our neighborhood.

We’ll apologize for the headaches when they start listening to our communities.  Until then, stock up on Aspirin, because we’re only just getting started…

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