NYCC Members and the Living Wage

Last Monday saw hundreds of New Yorkers gathering to commemorate the life and untimely death of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.; and to hold forth on the  Living Wage.  NYCC’s own Michael Valdez joined us, and the Huffington Post captured his thoughts (and ours) on why the Living Wage is needed more than ever.

Here’s the article, and here’s the quote:

Michael Valdez, a Fordham University student who used to work as a cashier at Yankee Stadium, said in an interview shortly before his speech at Monday’s rally in Brooklyn that his time at Yankee Stadium “was awful” — at $8.50 an hour and without benefits. And since shifts were frequently overbooked, he said, “You would have to come in and wait two or three hours before you could even clock in [and] if they got enough workers, they would send everybody else home.”

“Here in New York, living is so expensive. With these jobs that offer [so little], you definitely cannot support a family.” Valdez added. “Even as a college student, it is difficult.”

We couldn’t agree more with Michael.  As we covered in a previous post, it’s long past time that New York City realizes the true cost of living in here, and does something about it.  Let’s hope Dr. King’s dream of justice, quality, and opportunity for one and all comes true, and soon!

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