“A genuine crisis” in NY State Education

Now that he’s the “outgoing state Education Commissioner, ” David Steiner has the freedom to speak his mind regarding schools, funding, and those standardized tests we cram down kid’s throats starting in the 4th Grade.  Anyway, soon-to-be-ex-Commissioner Steiner speaks the truth, and for that we’re grateful.  

Some of the better quotes from the story in the NY Post:

“This is a period in which efforts at reform have too often boomeranged into assault.”

“How did it come to a situation where a test is about differences with adults and not the encouragement of children’s learning?”

“Children should have a rich, rich set of options, not just critical subjects of math and English because they happen to be part of something called AYP [annual yearly progress],” he said, referring to federal testing requirements.

The bit about education “reform” groups strikes the loudest chord with us: Some education reform groups only push one flavor of solution (*cough* charter schools *cough*) and still other movements are anti-labor movements in disguise, seeking to weaken teacher’s unions and education worker protection all in the name of fiscal discipline.

We’re just for good quality education for one and all.  Like soon-to-be-ex-Commissioner Steiner, we think all children deserve equal support, regardless of their educational district.

Speaking of quality education reform, our friends over at the Alliance for Quality Education have a pretty nifty idea: Documenting the cuts resulting from Andrew Cuomo’s recent budget.   (You remember that one: Where Cuomo laid down with Wall Street in lieu of standing up for working families.)  Anyway, the AQE’s posted a Facebook Event for this… and you did know about NYCC’s East New York Chapter Facebook Group, right?  Tell a friend!

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