Tax Day, 2011

There are stories floating around telling how large corporations pay next to nothing while working families bear an ever-increasing tax load while getting ever-decreasing government services.  Try as we might, we cannot come up with anything quite so direct and eloquent as the Labor Religion Coalition’s Tax Day Rally Speech, which addresses this very issue.  

Without further ado:

I’m here today representing the Labor Religion Coalition of New York State. We are workers and people of faith allied together to demand fair pay and humane conditions for all of New York’s workers. On tax day, it’s worth remembering the good things our taxes support. My 2nd grader’s wonderful teacher Mrs. Reese. The good clean water we drink. Roads and public transportation. Our libraries and librarians. Public parks and playgrounds. And I especially need to thank the American worker for the food stamps that kept my sister and I growing strong during a rough patch.

But working people feel the pinch of taxation most dearly. In a time when folks have lost their homes to predatory mortgage deals, and the price of food and gas is skyrocketing–the money we send to the IRS is sorely missed. And yet, if you paid at least $1 dollar in taxes, you paid more than Citigroup, General Electric and Bank of America combined last year.

And that’s why we’re here today. We demand that the richest among us pay their fair share. Because the American dream is about teachers and libraries and parks for everybody, not vacation homes and trust funds for a very few. We cannot allow the big corporations and richest 1% to continue to profit off working women and men without giving something back.

Thank you!

Sara Niccoli

And thank you, Sara Niccoli of Labor-Religion Coalition of New York State.

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2 Responses to Tax Day, 2011

  1. Predatory mortgage deals don’t make much sense for those handing them out. Why would they give tons of money in loans to people that can’t pay them back? Fact is, it’s not “predatory” but government regulations and laws give them no other choice but to lend to people who can’t pay them back.

  2. Spoken like a man who’s never visited communities where these banks, of their own volition, handed out bad loans like they were candy. Also, the FBI disagrees with you regarding predatory lending practices. While I am sure it’s in your ideological wheelhouse to believe the Community Reinvestment Act et al gave these banks “no other choice” than to lend in this manner, the facts just don’t support your position.

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