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Walmart: Broken promises. Every Way. On Everything.

We’re seeing the Walmart steamroller roll from the corridors of power in City Hall to the undeveloped lots in East New York. The laundry list of complaints against the multinational retailer is longer than the L Train, but here’s a … Continue reading

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What the Frack is going on?

A cartoon from the 1990’s called Captain Planet and the Planeteers showed a merry band of eco-warriors traveling to exotic locations while saving us all from greedy, evil corporations bent on destroying the world.  Of course, they had a theme … Continue reading

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Been down so long…

It’s nobody’s ideal situation to be counted part of the “working poor”.  Still, as we all know, bad things happen to good people and especially in this economy we’ve all had friends and neighbors lose their jobs, lose their homes, … Continue reading

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NYCC Members and the Living Wage

Last Monday saw hundreds of New Yorkers gathering to commemorate the life and untimely death of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.; and to hold forth on the  Living Wage.  NYCC’s own Michael Valdez joined us, and the Huffington Post captured … Continue reading

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This is what democracy looks like!

This gallery contains 8 photos.

NYCC participating in Walmart Free NYC’s flash mob at the Time Warner Center, home of the Related Companies, which wants to put a Walmart in East New York.  We think Walmart is bad for workers, and bad for New York.

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Reflections on a Living Wage

Monday was the 43rd Anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.  NYCC joined with several other organizations to commemorate the man and hold true to mission, that of justice, equality, and opportunity for every single one of us.  A Living … Continue reading

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100 Years Fighting For Workers’ Rights

Probably you’ve never heard of Clara Lemlich Shavelson. She gained prominence around 100 years ago, trying to organize garment workers in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Considered a “radical,” she was ignored by most New Yorkers until a fire at a … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart in East New York: Desperation Exploitation

“With my Walmart job I have been able to get off of welfare and buy my home.”-Walmart Radio Ad This morning while listening to the radio I heard the above quote in a commercial placed by Walmart…  

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