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Jumaane Williams is cool

Remember that time when you had your dog off his leash in the park after dark where you were riding your bike on the sidewalk, and you threw your beer can at the sign that said “No Littering?”  Yeah, remember … Continue reading

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Co-Location’s just another phrase for, Your School’s Overcrowded

Working on education issues at NYCC is a challenging job. We get to meet with parents who want the best for their kids, which is great, but we often find ourselves fighting City Hall. We’ve fought for more funding, against … Continue reading

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Tax Day, 2011

There are stories floating around telling how large corporations pay next to nothing while working families bear an ever-increasing tax load while getting ever-decreasing government services.  Try as we might, we cannot come up with anything quite so direct and … Continue reading

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Kitchen in ENY Serves Up More Than Soup

A soup kitchen run by the Overcoming Love Ministries adds an extra side of care with their meal plan: Free medical checkups once a week.  Neighbors helping neighbors, what a concept… 

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East New York’s 75th Precinct leads city in homicides.

Brooklyn accounts for 42% of all murders in NYC, with East New York adding 33 to that total.  Oh, and white murder victims dropped 27% while black murder victims went up 31%.  More happy news after the jump…  

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and a Farm Grows in East New York.

Eating Healthy and Staying Local was never so easy or quite so delicious as it will be this June, when East New York Farms! starts selling their produce at neighborhood markets. Continue reading

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NYC Economic Development Corp actually considers developing East New York

It’s called an incubator, and the NYC Economic Development Corporation is looking for proposals on where to locate the thing.  So far they’re looking at East Williamsburg, but East New York’s got a shot.  So, what’s an incubator?

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Hungry for Social Justice, or Just Plain Hungry?

Feeling hungry?  Head to Lindenwood Diner (corner of Linden and Amber).  It’s a nice place, burgers and fries and shakes along with Latin, Caribbean, and Southern dishes, and every customer gets the option of donating 5% of their check to … Continue reading

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Hello East New York!

Welcome to the East New York blog!

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