NYCC Members and the Living Wage

Last Monday saw hundreds of New Yorkers gathering to commemorate the life and untimely death of the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.; and to hold forth on the  Living Wage.  NYCC’s own Michael Valdez joined us, and the Huffington Post captured his thoughts (and ours) on why the Living Wage is needed more than ever. Continue reading

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Don’t be Related to Walmart

Last week we shared some photos from our Walmart action at the Time Warner Center, HQ for the Related Companies, the firm looking to lease space to Walmart.  Today we share the finished product: Video and news of our flash mob song and dance.   Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Boroughs

Yes, we know there are some very well-to-do parts of Brooklyn.  Yes, we know Manhattan’s a bit more multi-layered than what’s between 5th and Park from 59th up to 86th.  We all know there are two very different realities to living in NYC, and two recent articles help explain the forces aligned in keeping this inequality as the status-quo. Continue reading

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The Tax Man Cometh… Soon

Tax Day is on the 15th of April.  Unless the 15th falls on a Sunday, Saturday, or Federal Holiday.  Or if the District of Columbia’s holiday schedule conflicts with Tax Day; or all of the above.  Confused yet?  No worries: Like a good community organization, NYCC is there.   Continue reading

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PCBs in our schools? It’s more likely than you think!

It’s bad enough we’re suffering from the worst round of education budget cuts in New York State’s history.  It’s even worse our beloved Mayor is getting ready to gut the corps of teachers educating the next generation of New Yorkers.  It’s flat out wrong that our schools are poisoning our kids.   Continue reading

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It takes a Village To Stand Up To JP Morgan Chase

How do you get a major bank like JP Morgan Chase to listen? What do the thousands of New York homeowners, the majority of whom are African American and Latino, who have been pleading for mortgage modifications to avoid foreclosure, do to get them to pay attention?   Continue reading

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This is what democracy looks like!

This gallery contains 8 photos.

NYCC participating in Walmart Free NYC’s flash mob at the Time Warner Center, home of the Related Companies, which wants to put a Walmart in East New York.  We think Walmart is bad for workers, and bad for New York.

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Well… bye!

Just shy of 100 days in office, Cathie Black is out as NYC’s Chancellor of Education.  Not much more needs to be said here; her “tumultuous and brief tenure” as Chancellor of Education was marked more by gaffesmissteps, and declining support than any real accomplishments.  Deputy Mayor Dennis M. Walcott steps into place in the interim.  Let’s hope the man steps up to the plate and delivers some results in eradicating PCBs from our schools, among other issues near and dear our collective hearts.

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Reflections on a Living Wage

Monday was the 43rd Anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.  NYCC joined with several other organizations to commemorate the man and hold true to mission, that of justice, equality, and opportunity for every single one of us.  A Living Wage for one and all is just one example of NYCC keeping the Good Dr’s words relevant to today’s issues. Continue reading

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Kitchen in ENY Serves Up More Than Soup

A soup kitchen run by the Overcoming Love Ministries adds an extra side of care with their meal plan: Free medical checkups once a week.  Neighbors helping neighbors, what a concept…  Continue reading

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